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Gordana Škaljac Narančić

tel: +385 1 634 2434
mob: +385 99 634 7260

National Co-ordinator Gordana Škaljac Narančić


Hrvatska Radiotelevizija - HRT
Address: Prisavlje 3, 10000 Zagreb, Croatia
Tel.: +385 1 616 36 91
Fax: +385 1 616 36 92
Website: www.hrt.hr

Public television service in Croatia is operated by HRT - Hrvatska Radiotelevizija - Croatian Radio Television, which operates on television, radio and online. It provides programmes for 4 TV and 12 radio channels - 3 national, 1 international and 8 regional radio channels. The regional TV stations mainly depend on HRT Zagreb and the main TV centres (Rijeka, Split, Osijek and Dubrovnik) with some other smaller correspondent's centres contributing.

HRT has been broadcasting television since 1956, whilst radio, which is also a part of the HRT is on air since 1926.

The HRT (Television) is subject to the 11 member HRT Program Council, which are appointed by the parliament, but chosen among prominent people from scientific, cultural and other institutions. HRT provides programs for two TV and three radio channels. It consists of 3 organizations – Radio , Television and Music Production and employs alltogether around 3600 people. Television employs 1600 people and Radio employs 700 people.  HRT is a nation-wide network with all round programmes produced in-house itself, or about 60%, the rest are imported. Croatia's 4,7 million inhabitants are reached by 96% of 1st and 2nd TV channel plus 90% of the 3rd. There are about 950,000 owners of TV sets and far more radio sets. The HRT programs are partly financed by the monthly fee which is defined by the Parliement and it is 1,5 % of the monthly salary in Croatia.
Croatian Radiotelevision is ready for the analogue television switch off which is due on 1. January 2011. By that date the whole territory will be covered by digital signal.

A coded digitalized satellite programme is operated daily from 17.00 - 01.00 hrs and is composed of the combination of programmes from the 1st and 2nd channels. The 1st being more "serious" and made of mostly domestic (HRT''s own) production and 2nd having more foreign series, mini series and movies. All programmes are in the Croatian language, the foreign ones mostly subtitled and sometimes dubbed. Cable TV is not being organised by HRT and is only available in some areas in Croatia. The regional TV stations mainly depend on HRT Zagreb and the main TV centres (Rijeka, Split, Osijek and Bjelovar) with some other smaller correspondent's centres contributing with daily 10 min. each in a nation wide programme operated from Zagreb and 45 min. daily at its own regional information programme, on 3rd channel which re-started broadcasting in November 1994.

Technically, most of the centres are operated independently.


  • Region - Slavonia (Eastern Croatia)

Station: HRT TV Studio Osijek
Address: Samacka 13
Town: 31000 Osijek
Tel. +385 31 44 882
Fax +385 31 212 450

This TV centre covers the most eastern part of Croatia, that suffered perhaps the most from the war (Vukovar, Vinkovci). This is mainly an agricultural area with developing industry of transportation and food. The station has a staff of 66 people.

  • Region - Northern Croatia

Station: HRT TV Studio Bjelovar
Address: Ivana viteza Trnskog 12
Town: 43000 Bjelovar
Tel: +385 43 242 395
Fax: +385 43 242 159

This is the newest TV centre, (with a staff of 48) also closest to Zagreb, but covering mostly the northern Croatia, a mixed population with developing small size industries.

Station: HRT/ Studio Varazdin

Address: Petra Preradovica 14
42000 Varazdin
Tel: +385 42 312 848
Fax: +385 42 312 644


  • Region - Dalmatia (Islands in Central and Southern Dalmatia)

Station: HRT TV Studio Split
Address: Mažuranicevo šetalište 24a
Town: 21000 Split
Tel: +385 21 366-666
Fax: +385 21 366-622


TV Centre Split covers the whole Dalmatian coast and corresponding islands (Hvar, Brac, Korcula etc.) as well as the immediate hinterland. This is also a tourist area with urban and rural population. The station has a staff of 120.


Station: HRT/ Studio Zadar
Address: Dom hrvatske mladezi
R. Boskovica
23000 Zadar
Tel: +385 23 301 410
Fax: +385 23 315 543


Station HRT/ Studio Sibenik
Address: Kresimirov dom
Petra grubisica 2
P.O.Box 16
22000 Sibenik
Tel: +385 22 201 900
Fax: +385 22 201 919


  • Region - Northern Adriatic and Istria

Station HRT TV Studio Rijeka
Address: Korzo 25
Town: 51000 Rijeka
Tel: +385 51 657 722
Fax: +385 51 657 709
Contact Circom Regional: Jaroslav Kovacevic
Tel: +385 51 657 733

TV Centre Rijeka is servicing the area of Northern Croatian Coast, Istria (peninsula) Northern Adriatic Islands (Krk, Veli i Mali Losinj, Cres, Pag, Rab) and immediate hinterland. This is the most developed tourist area with a mixed urban population and on a smaller scale a rural and agricultural population. The station has a staff of 52.

Station HRT/ Studio Pula
Address: Leharova 1
52000 Pula
Tel: +385 52 215 937
Fax: +385 52 217 573


  • Region - South Adriatic, Dalmatia

Station HRT TV Studio Dubrovnik
Address: Pere Cingrije 1, 20000 Dubrovnik
Tel: +385 20 412 935
Fax: +385 20 411 935
Contact Circom Regional: Vedran Benic