Our next, 36th Annual Conference will take place in Leeuwarden, The Netherlands on 24th and 25th of May 2018, hosted by Omrop Fryslân.

Welcome to Leeuwarden

Leeuwarden, or Ljouwert as it’s called in Frisian language, is the Capital of the province of Fryslân. This hospitable Frisian city, situated in green surroundings with lakes and recreation areas, is Cultural Capital of Europe in 2018, together with Valletta, Malta.

In 2018, Leeuwarden and Fryslân will be full of events and activities. The Frisian capital is a true royal residence with a beautiful land historic city centre, a wealth of nationally listed buildings, surprising shops and nice cafés. At the same time, it has the most modern facilities for residents, students and entrepreneurs. Leeuwarden is a city of modern paradoxes. Apparent contradictions go together perfectly in Leeuwarden. It is a city that invests in its past as well as in research development, ICT and a high level of facilities. A city in the countryside where students, the elderly and families feel at home, but companies are given opportunities as well. In addition, Leeuwarden is one of the cleanest and most sustainable municipalities in the country. The city centre is compact and well-organized. This combination is one of the most attractive elements of Leeuwarden. The shops, the nightlife and many hotels are within a few miles, walking or cycling distance from each other.

The host broadcaster: Omrop Fryslân

Omrop Fryslân is the public media service broadcaster for radio and television for the province of Fryslân, situated in the most northern province of the Netherland. Omrop Fryslân is also hosting the only professional website in the Frisian language, with news, audio and video. The station is broadcasting radio 24 hours a day, regional television 1 hour a day, and producing weekly TV documentary in Frisian language on NPO2 nationwide. Omrop Fryslân employs permanently about 100 people.