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ac2018speaker Janine AndersonJanine Anderson, Hearken, USA
Session: Questions are the New Comments
How to really listen to your audience and engage them as a story develops from pitch to publication. How to get original, high-performing content along with valuable data and insights.

Janine Anderson built a career out of community journalism, at small weeklies, mid-size dailies and hyperlocal websites. Janine holds bachelor's degrees in journalism and dance from the University of Wisconsin.
She has worked as a reporter and editor in southeastern Wisconsin. As an engagement consultant at Hearken, she helps news organizations listen to audience members in ways that inform their journalistic efforts.
Janine's work as a journalist has earned her recognition from local, regional and national organizations, including awards for local, feature, breaking news and investigative reporting; special projects; digital projects; and a Casey Medal for Meritorious Journalism.
She most loves journalism that helps build community through a better understanding of the people within it and the stories they have to share.


ac2018speaker Lauri Kivinen YLELauri Kivinen, CEO of Yle, Finland
Session: New Media Landscape and Roles in Transition: Public Service, Commercial Media and Social Networks
We witness a massive change in media all around us, affecting not only the media landscape, but also distribution and consumer behaviour. What will be the role of various players and especially that of social media platforms? Is this an opportunity or a moment of big threat for public service? Lauri Kivinen gives his personal perspective.

Lauri Kivinen is the CEO of Yle, the Finnish Broadcasting Company, since 2010. The company´s tasks, operation and financing are defined by law. Yle has strongly focused in the transition towards digital services. Yle has three national television channels, six radio channels with several regional radio stations as well as a diverse output of online media services. Its services reaches 76% of Finnish citizen on a daily basis.
Mr. Kivinen has a background in international business, telecommunications and media. He holds a Master of Business Sciences from the Turku School of Economics after studies in Finland and Switzerland.


ac2018speaker Anthony Brown BBCAnthony Browne, Digital Lead, BBC Scotland, UK
Session: Social Media Projects by Regional Broadcasters
Anthony Browne is one of the creators of BBC The Social. The Social is a digital content stream featuring content for and created by young people in Scotland, commissioning young talent in Scotland to make social media content which is then posted on The Social's social media channels including Facebook, Instagram and YouTube.

Anthony Browne is the Head of Digital at BBC Scotland leading the delivery of the BBC Scotland website, social media and learning content across TV, Radio and Online. He has been involved in digital marketing since 2001 and his career has included roles managing a Communications team in Local Government and International Marketing Manager in the Retail sector. In 2007 he was responsible for the first UK Council Facebook pages and in 2008 he authored and presented an International paper on Social Media within the Public Sector. He has also participated in two cross party working groups in the Scottish Government - Culture and Media and Digital Participation. In 2015 he was the co-creator of BBC The Social, the multi-award winning digital project from BBC Scotland aimed at commissioning and developing new digital creatives. @anthonybrowne


ac2018speaker Jessikka Aro YLEJessikka Aro, YLE, Finland
Session: Pro-Kremlin Trolls and Fake News as Security Threat
Jessikka Aro's crowdsourced series of stories about pro-Russia trolls, the info warriors distributing social media propaganda and influencing Finnish people.

Jessikka Aro is an awarded investigative reporter with Finnish Broadcasting Company's social media project Yle Kioski. Aro specializes in Russia, extremism and information warfare. In 2014 she became the target of serious and still ongoing international propaganda and hate speech campaign after reporting about pro-Kremlin social media trolls.
Currently Aro writes an investigative book about Kremlin's information warfare and trains reporters and general public to recognize online disinformation. Aro is also lobbying for better legislation to counter hybrid threats and protect citizens from state-sponsored online security threats.


ac2018speaker Mattias Sandber SVTMattias Sandberg, SVT, Sweden
Session: Mojo Is Here To Stay
We will show some inspiring examples, journalist will tell their stories and we will discuss how the newsroom managers implemented Mojo, what are the obstacles and did they overcome them.

One of the journalists that will present their work is Mattias Sandberg. He works as a reporter at SVT Sport since 2003, mostly as a reporter, but also editor, program leader and Video Journalist (VJ) / Mobile Journalist (MoJo). Since last summer he has been working on the following sport events with the mobile phone: World Championship in Orienteering, Estonia, The Open Championship, Golf, England, European Championship in Handball, Croatia, PyeongChang Olympic Winter Gamess, South Korea. For his coverage of the World Championship in Orienteering, he won a SVT News Division’s Sweden Prize in the category MoJo / close storytelling.