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PBS - Public Broadcasting Services Limited

The origin of broadcasting in Malta dates back to the first broadcast transmitted from the Naval Wireless Station at Rinella in 1933.  In 1934 an agreement was reached between the Government of Malta and the Rediffusion Group of Companies to set up a sound wired system in Malta and Gozo.  Rediffusion (Malta) Ltd inaugurated its broadcasting services in Malta on November 11, 1935.  

Rediffusion (Malta) Limited’s control over broadcasting was further developed on 28th September 1961 when a contract was signed between the Government of Malta and the Malta Television Services which among other things bound the company to start operating a television station in Malta.  The transmissions were launched on 29 September 1962.  This company enjoyed an almost absolute monopoly until the 8th January 1973 when Radio Malta was set up and managed by the Malta Broadcasting Authority.

A very important development in the history of broadcasting in Malta happened in 1975 when Telemalta Corporation  was established by ACT XVI of parliament.  This corporation became responsible for broadcasting in Malta and the company became known as Xandir Malta.  Radio Malta was incorporated in this company.

On 27 September 1991 PBS Limited – a wholly owned Government limited liability company was set up on the understanding of taking over Xandir Malta – the broadcasting division within Telemalta corporation – therefore accomplishing the objective of providing public broadcasting services in the Maltese Islands.  

The aim of PBS Ltd is to fulfil its mission by offering a wide spectrum of high quality radio and television programmes as well as precise and fair news.  Although this activity in itself does not generate revenue, it contributes indirectly towards this end by attracting sponsorships and airtime sales.

Public Broadcasting Services Limited operates one general interest television channel and three radio stations.

e-mail:   This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.  
75 St. Luke’s Road, G’Mangia Malta    
Tel. No. (+356) 21225051  Fax No.(+356) 21244601