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Toomas Raag

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National Co-ordinator Toomas Raag

SA Tallinna Televisioon
Rävala pst 12
10143 Tallinn


TTV - Tallinna Televisioon

Tallinn Television (Tallinna Televisioon, TTV) is one of the five free television channels in Estonia. The programme is additionally broadcast on all cable networks via satellite. TTV´s broadcasting license requires that the station airs a versatile programme. However, news and other shows concerning life in the City of Tallinn, the capital of Estonia, take centre stage. Our focus is also the political life of the government and the Parliament.

Since autumn 2014 Tallinn TV has been focusing on producing a more constructive and diversified news programme, somewhat decreasing the number of individual shows.

The News are broadcast at 8 pm every working day, complemented by a 30-minute commentary show Today+ (Täna+). Short 10-minute News are at 6 pm. 20-minute foreign news show Today in the World (Täna Maailmas) is broadcast every workday at 9 pm.

There are various political and talk shows in our programme, numerous films, series and children programmes from various European public service broadcasting companies.

We also produce different programmes about cultural events and life in Tallinn. For people who like to travel there is a special programme „Traveller“, presenting different countries and cities.

TTV has numerous live coverages of sporting events, the most popular being basketball and football.
The evening programme starts at 5.30 pm and continues until midnight.

In addition to regular staff, Tallinn Television also employs, based on various types of contracts, external authors, directors, cameramen, and editors. As the number of viewers rises, TTV has also increased commissioned advertising volumes.

State supervision of TTV is implemented by Estonian Technical Surveillance Authority.