mojo2017 330Lagoa, Azores, Portugal
19th - 27th May 2017

The workshop, designed for journalists, will give them an opportunity to learn the techniques and workflow when using a mobile phone. Participants need to have the knowledge and professional skills in order to provide material that is useful for transmission, not just for TV, but also for radio and on-line services.
The main objectives are:
- To give participants training to a level where they are competent in the use of smart phones for filming, recording audio, file transfer and live transmissions.
- To give participants experience in using a laptop and/or ipad editing software to make a news package.
- To learn how to develop story ideas within the limitations of an iphone.
- To get to know the hardware, software and apps that are available to them and how to use them creatively.
- To understand the workflow in order to avoid mistakes.
- To give participants the necessary skills and confidence to work with a smart phone when appropriate.

By the end of the workshop it is expected that participants will have produced a story, located in Lagoa or Ponta Delgada area, of 2 minutes duration.

Trainers: the workshop will be led by Guillaume Kuster (France) together with Darko Flajpan (Croatia), John-Inge Johansen (Norway), Witse Vellinga (The Netherlands) and Randi Gitz (Sweden).

Workshop runs for 5 days - from Saturday May 20th at 09:30 to Wednesday, May 24th at 17:00 - and is followed by 2 days attendance at the CIRCOM annual conference in Ponta Delgada. Participants are expected to arrive on Friday, May 19th.

Workshop is now full.