Tuesday December 5th 2023, 12:00 - 13:00 CET / 11:00 - 12:00 GMT

The webinar, hosted by Anton Svendsen , focused on the topic:

How can we learn about our audience, using data and digital tools, to make our local and regional stations better?

We heard from three brilliant people:

MalinSyrstad"How to get to know your audience with data. A Swedish experiment that made the local news better"- Malin Syrstad, SVT (Sweden)
We assume that we know our audience. But do we? And do we reflect their everyday live in what we report? To be relevant we need data like how our audience live, education, employment, ethnic background etc. 400 reporters and editors in SVT: 21 local newsrooms were given statistics from national data bases, and worked together with these. Learn more at the webinar “Digital Doctors”.
Malin Syrstad has worked with local, national and international news for almost 30 years at SVT. The major part as a reporter, but also as an editor, a European correspondent and a news anchor. Since 2016, she is editor in chief at the local news room SVT Halland, in western Sweden.


ToveMyllari“How Yle are using AI to make news-reports and programs more diverse” - Tove Mylläri, Yle (Finland)
To guide our editorial processes, we need to have a better understanding of the state of the diversity in our news coverage. We are using AI to find out who we give voice to (persons, organizations…). This provides insights that can be used to guide our editorial processes.
Tove Mylläri is team lead, Experiments & Collaborations, at Yle News Lab. She is award-winning, long-standing technology professional, student of social services at Turku UAS, keynote speaker and from the beginning of January 2024, AI Lead for Yle Innovations.


renzo veenstra“How digital analysis has helped us to understand if we fill the needs of our audience”- Renzo Veenstra, Omroep Brabant (Netherlands)
Omroep Brabants has during the last 4 years worked with an editorial analytic system. They have matched their news reports against the needs of the audience. The user needs model has helped them to choose the right content and the best angle for their story. Learn more at Digital Doctors.
Renzo Veenstra is Editor in Chief at Omroep Brabant, the largest Dutch regional broadcaster with over 26M online visitors per month. Renzo has extensive media experience and was previously editor-in-chief/newsreader at ANP (the Dutch press agency), a reporter for various news programs and a substitute presenter on national radio.