The Best Regional Television Programmes In Europe

Every year, the Prix CIRCOM Regional honours the best regional productions. These are the most important international awards for regional programmes and were first presented in 1990.

The main aim of the Prix CIRCOM is to set a benchmark standard of excellence to which all producers, all directors and all stations can and should aspire. As such, it seeks to raise the general level of programming for viewers.
The Prix seeks to recognise skills of programme makers and to encourage best practice among practitioners.
It also attracts public attention to the success of regional production and broadcasting, making clear the contribution of the regions to quality service.
Finaly, by careful selection and framing of categories, the Prix encourages regional stations to be alert to changes in the viewing and production market in new skills and new ways of distributing video to ensure a modern and self-sustaining regional TV industry.

Categories change from year to year. For instance, in 1992 the awards were for Best Documentary, Best Direction, Best Fiction and Best Cross-Border Programme. In 1993, there was an award for Best Youth programme.

The award juries comprise experts working as producers in regional stations. Every year after the Prix CIRCOM Regional judging, a very substantial document - Prix CIRCOM Regional Jury Report - is produced. Jury reports, through comments on each entry as considered by the judging panel, reasons for selecting winning entries, as well as thoughts from the judges about categories and criteria, give insight in the range and quality of content of regional public service media in Europe.

The awards are presented at the CIRCOM Regional Annual Conference, hosted every year by a national network in a regional centre.




  • Prix CIRCOM 2002
    - judging host: BR in Langlau, Germany
    - award ceremony host: STV in Kosice, Slovakia
    2002 Jury Report 

  • Prix CIRCOM 2001
    - judging host: SVT in Örebro, Sweden
    - award ceremony host: RTP in Porto, Portugal
    Conference report 

  • Prix CIRCOM 2000
    - judging host: ORF in Klagenfurt, Austria
    - award ceremony host: ORB in Potsdam, Germany
    Conference report 

  • Prix CIRCOM 1999
    - judging host: TV Noord in Paterswolde, The Netherlands
    - award ceremony host: HRT in Dubrovnik, Croatia
    - Conference report: eng n    fra n 

  • Prix CIRCOM 1998
    - judging host: RTE in Kinsale, Ireland
    - award ceremony host: ERT 3 in Thessaloniki, Greece
    Conference report 

  • Prix CIRCOM 1997
    - judging host: TV2 in Odense, Denmark
    - award ceremony host: MTV in Szeged, Hungary
    Conference report 

  • Prix CIRCOM 1996
    - judging host: RAI in Palermo, Italy
    - award ceremony host: TV2 Lorry in Copenhagen, Denmark
    1996 Prix report 

  • Prix CIRCOM 1995
    - judging host: RTSI in Lugano, Switzerland
    - award ceremony host: BBC in Birmingham, UK
    1995 Prix report 

  • Prix CIRCOM 1994
    - award ceremony host: RVR in Iasi, Romania

  • Prix CIRCOM 1993
    - judging host: TV2 at Bornholm, Denmark
    - award ceremony host:RAI in St. Vincent, Italia

  • Prix CIRCOM 1992
    - judging host: TG4 at Dublin, Ireland
    - award ceremony host: RTVV in Valencia, Spain

  • Prix CIRCOM 1991
    - judging host: TVP in Szczecin, Poland
    - award ceremony host: FRANCE 3 in Strasbourg, France

  • Prix CIRCOM 1990
    - judging host: RAI in Torino, Italy
    - award ceremony host: TVS in Bled, Slovenia