Training in the skills needed for high-quality regional content producers has become one of CIRCOM's main activities. It began with a journalism workshop in Romania in 1994. Since then, there have been major international workshops for young journalists at every annual conference, and a growing number of other seminars and practical courses.

Support for TV stations in the "New Democracies" of central and eastern Europe has become a major priority for CIRCOM Regional, which was the first European television association to admit TV stations from these countries after the events of 1989. But with the digital revolution now bringing changes to the way all stations work, there is a need for every member-station to learn from others who are facing the same challenges.

CIRCOM's network offers the unique advantage of bringing together TV professionals from all the regions of Europe, to share expertise, establish best practice, and compare programmes. The priorities for training are:

  • Journalism - which is fair, impartial, directly relevant to viewers, and attractive to watch
  • New Formats for Storytelling - an innovative training course design to teach TV journalists and managers to "think out of the box" and produce engaging content on Social Media
  • Management - how to encourage teamwork, creativity and competitive programmes on small budgets
  • Production skills - for the most professional television
  • Diversity - codes of practice to ensure that the interests of all communities are served, promoting understanding and tolerance.

Over 2000 journalists and television professionals have benefited directly from CIRCOM Regional workshops and seminars since 1994. The courses are known for their very practical nature, with discussions mixed with many exercises using digital cameras and editing equipment.
New courses are regularly added to CIRCOM’s training timetable with "Life After TV" and "New formats for Storytelling" proving to be very popular. We also help our members to continue training in house by provided the very popular "Training the Trainers" course, giving key tools and practices to help their staff become efficient trainers.

Our workshops are also known for the quality of the tutors, who are experienced practitioners from CIRCOM member-stations across Europe, volunteering their time in the true spirit of CIRCOM. We also use expert trainers known as the best in their field in order to give the best possible training value to our members.